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Order of a taxi
  Name Telephone
  Max - Таxi - mob 0(50) 486-61-5615-63

Railway station, River station and Port
  Name Telephone
  Agency " Pilot " sale avia and railway tickets 220-11-12
  Auto station inquiry office64-26-57
  Air communications agency0-06
  Airport inquiry office64-25-65
  Inquiry office of the city preliminary railway tickets sale 33-25-55
  Order of the railway tickets0-55
  Railway station inquiry office0-05
  Railway station inquiry office Zaporozhye-164-25-09
  Railway station inquiry office Zaporozhye-269-21-61
  River station and Port inquiry office64-15-30, 2-60-55

Other services
  Name Telephone
  Address table33-11-22
  Information services0-03
  Tax inspection0-07
  Service of time (Answer mashine)0-60
  Information on electrotransport work0-83
  Drugstore inquiry0-67, 130-067
  Urban telephone information service09
  Medical help13-88-03
  Rescue service "Edelveys"0-77

Telephone network services
  Name Telephone
  Order of interurban and international communications0-71, 0-79
  Telegram reception0-66
  Information on services given by city telephone station0-52
  Urban telephone information service on incomplete data0-09
  Inquiry on interurban and international codes
  of telephone communication

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